Shooting Mature Content

I am often asked to shoot material, which may be deemed mature in nature. Though I enjoy shooting this type of material, I am not comfortable publishing this type of content. I respect the privacy of the models I shoot. You will not find any adult content on any pages or websites of mine, unless the photos are in a protected area or web site such as or, which are beyond the reach of Google and other search engines. I am very selective about what I edit and post on public web sites. I guess what I’m trying to convey, is some level of confidence in you, that you can be confident what you shoot with me, is between us. Any mature content I shoot that is published for public consumption will be published by the model and not me. No exceptions.

As a related note, please read about the recent (Dec. 2012) travails of High School Guidance Counselor Tiffany Webb ~ Manhattan (NY) High school guidance counselor fired over racy lingerie photos that she posted 17 YEARS ago. This story was recently shared with me and goes to show how lasting and harmful internet photos can be. I must say, the panel that deemed these particular images to be offensive seem to be living in the 1950’s. These images are no more suggestive than a Macy’s advertisement for underwear found in your Sunday paper.

To avoid a similar fate, models shooting explicit or mature content (or in some cases even lingerie or swimwear) are strongly urged to use a fake name or pseudonym (aka stage name) when doing such shoots. Then years from now, you will undoubtedly look different and the content will have no connection to you or your actual name, so if and when a prospective employer performs a background check, those long ago images of a fictitious “Sandy Peaks” will not be tied to you.

Utmost of importance to my shoots is that the model be relaxed, comfortable and enjoy her herself. I have no hidden agenda. I routinely discuss this in person with all models planning to shooting any lingerie, implied or nude images. Having said all of that, yes – while shooting I may push your limits, everything we shoot in these categories will be between just you, me and anyone YOU choose to share with.

Implied Looks worthy to try.

Written: 24-Jun-2013
Updated: 25-May-2015 19-Aug-2019