Portfolio Fees


Team Photo Video
Photographer/Videographer Only $150.00 For 1st Look $250 1st Hour
– Additional (Same Session) $50 Each Look $100 Each Additional Hour
Photographer, MUA and Hair Stylist $200.00 for 1st Look $350 For 1st Hour
– Additional w/MUA & Hair (Same Session) $100 Each Look $200 Each Additional Hour
See Notes 1-4 below.


Type Edit Cost
Typical Photo Beauty/Glamour Edit $50.00 Per Image
Photo Manipulations & Artistic Edits $100.00 Per Hour
Video Editing $100.00 Per Hour
See Notes 4 and 6 below.

Color Laser Prints

Size (inches) Cost
11×17 $25.00 Each
8.5×11 $20.00 Each
Pro Framing Starting at $150.00 Each
Printed on 50# Glossy Cardstock at 300-dpi. See Note 5 below.

Color Photo Prints

Size (inches) Cost
9×12 (Professional Portfolio Size) $60.00 Each
8×10 $40.00 Each
Pro Framing Starting at $150.00 Each
Printed on Heavyweight Professional Photographic Paper at 300-dpi. See Note 5 below.

Fee Notes

1. I basically shoot until I’m fairly confident we have enough quality captures for each look to do a series of 5-6 images (should the need ever arise). All unedited captures (usually 40-50 per look) will be delivered on the day of the shoot on a USB (thumb) drive in Photoshop RAW and JPG format. Edited images will be made available on a private, password protected page on this web site in color web format (72-dpi), monochrome web format (72-dpi) and color print format (300-dpi).

2. Person(s) contracting for the shoot will have implied permission for all photos along with any other Photography team members to use images for the sole purpose of their individual portfolios. The photographer shall maintain the exclusive right to sell the images.

3. Photography fees are for shooting on locations which are public areas and therefore free. Photography fees do NOT include:
a. Studio rental costs or any other location fees or rental costs,
b. Wardrobe, wardrobe stylist, or
c. Travel outside a 25 mile radius of downtown Orlando.

4. Photography Fees include (1) edited image per look. Extensive Editing and Manipulation will be billed at a rate of $100.00 per hour. Extensive means if it takes me more than half an hour to edit the image. Reasons for this can, but not necessarily be limited to:
– Client requested artistic work such as text, etc.,
– having to address an extensive amount of stretch marks, acne, etc.,
– background changes,
– body enhancements (ie. weight reduction, breast enlargement), and
– color corrections/changes (ie. remove tan lines or skin discolorations).

5. Prices do not include shipping and handling. B&W prints are the same price as color. Laser Prints are made by a professional printing firm. Photo Prints are made by a professional photo finishing firm.

6. Video Editing does not include any licensing fees for music and/or any added royalty free content.


1. Please be serious about your work and only schedule a session when you are absolutely sure you can and will be there with bells on. In some cases, 3 or 4 people will have cleared their calendar with the sole purpose of making something special of your session. Often times plans are made and other opportunities for the artists involved are declined just to be there for you. With this in mind, a Non-Refundable deposit made via PayPal in the amount of 25% of the total Photography Fees due must be made to schedule your Photography Session. Nothing short of a hospital stay (by you) or death in the family will justify a reason for getting your deposit refunded to you.

2. I only shoot one model per day and for outdoor sessions, this is usually in the early morning hours. Please let me know what day you would like to shoot.

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