This is an eclectic collection of noteworthy web sites and publications featuring artists, fashion and photography. I apologize in advance for any of these web links which may be broken.

Blogs, Groups, Magazines

  • Calikartel is a web magazine dedicated to showcasing avant-garde fashion photography. Since its inception in the Spring of 2007, Calikartel has offered a forum of works by well know and emerging photographers, directors, stylists, creative directors, art directors, ad agencies and image-makers from around the world.
  • Avant Garde Fashion Photography Group
  • Blush with Me – Parmita
  • Models

  • featuring Actresses, Models, Street Fashion and Street Style
  • Networking

  • is a portfolio website for models, photographers and affiliated artists with roughly one million active members worldwide. I’ve been a member since their inception in 2005.
  • Photographers

  • Julian Wilde –, located in Portland, Oregon, has the absolute best Glamour Photography studio I have ever seen and he makes magic there as well as everywhere else he shoots. He is truly an inspiration to anyone who has ever picked up a camera and aimed it at another person. (Link to his MM page.)