Hire Me


I am available to hire to shoot for a flat day rate of $1,000 plus expenses (Talent, stylists, travel, location expenses, rental costs for extra gear, etc.). This rate covers either still or video shooting and includes providing any owned equipment (ie. Cameras, lighting, etc.) required for the shoot. This is a non-negotiable rate which covers partial or full day periods (See note 1). Expenses will be billed at their cost plus a small handling fee.

Post Work

The above rates include providing the client with raw unedited footage or images in digital format to be delivered either on a USB flash drive or via a download link. Post production work can be provided as follows:

  • The rate for a single simple edited image is $75 each.
  • All other post production work is $150 per hour or $1,000 per day (See note 1).
  • Finished works including prints and frames will be provided at cost plus a small handling fee.
  • Notes:
    1. Under certain circumstances, such as certain charitable organizations, emerging and fledgling artists, new business start-ups, etc., a discount may be applicable and will be determined on a case by case basis.

    Updated: 29-Jun-2015