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Digital Glamour and Darryl Glover are synonymous when it comes to 21st Century Photography. Thank you for visiting my copy protected repository of Glamour Images.

The content on these pages continues to evolve in both imagery and written content as I shoot more and learn more. At last count, there were over 1,800 edited images on these pages. Photo shoots are categorized by one or more of the genres, which are hot linked at the bottom of this and every page.

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Nana Delatour
Nana Delatour
I had previously spent a lifetime photographing architectural structures with film cameras, many of which are hanging on walls of various institutions and businesses still to this day. For the most part, architectural photography is all about having a wide enough lens, finding the correct vantage point, choosing the right time of day and praying for sunny skies. Then it’s just a matter of getting the greatest depth of field possible with whatever sunlight is available that day. There are no other human beings to interact with. Bokeh, composition, shadows, highlights, etc. doesn’t come into the equation.

Glamour photography however, is all about the photographer and the model making a connection via the lens. When you add a live body in front of a camera and expect something other than candid snap shots, you are given the opportunity or chance to make something special.

Louis Pasteur, the famous French microbiologist said (and I’m paraphrasing), “Chance favors the prepared mind”. When I arrive for a shoot, I’m armed with a car loaded with gear and a mind loaded with knowledge. I have reflectors, umbrellas, soft boxes, beauty dishes and several portable flash heads – one powerful enough to over-power the sun when the need arises. I also bring a variety of wardrobe items, an iron, props, brushes & combs, jewelry, make-up and just about anything that you can think of to help a photo shoot be successful.

Jessy Felix
Jessy Felix
My photo shoots are serious planned affairs. I’m almost certain to get “the one” image captured in camera and subsequently edited to magazine quality and destined to be a glamorous masterpiece. I continue to master the art of editing and I constantly fight with making the model look perfect versus something more natural. I usually opt for something in the middle ground. I know my mastery at glamour shooting progressed much faster than my mastery at editing and I will occasionally edit an image from an old photo shoot and laugh at the old edits. Some of the old edits were acceptable, but my current ones are 10 times better.

And if you’re wondering why I choose to pursue glamour photography. My answer is simply, why not? If you’re aspiring to be a professional model and want to explore the opportunity to shoot with me, please read my Aspiring Models page.

Published: May 2, 2015