Lisa A.

The images below of Model Lisa Alfred are from my first official glamour photography session, which was shot at two locations in West Orlando on November 20, 2010. About the only thing that went right was I had a lovely model to work with. As luck would have it, she was not only a model, but a photographer as well. I’m guessing she laughed all the way home at my pathetic attempt of pretending to be a “glamour photographer”.

The only way I was able to modify the natural lighting was with the on camera pop-up flash. By luck, the shoot just happened to occur during that magic hour right before sunset.

My editing skills were extraordinarily limited. I could basically crop and re-size images and I could blur away acne. I knew little or nothing about the myriad of digital editing techniques. I actually felt like a toddler trying to pilot a jumbo jet every time I opened up Photo Shop. I knew so little about an area where there was and still is a lot to learn.

** First Shoot with Pentax K200D (Starting shutter count 428)